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As of Jan 2009 ZAT started work as a partner under the “REVIT: Revitalizing Small Remote Schools for LifeLong Distance e-Learning” project, supported under the “Lifelong Learning Programme/ Transversal Programme / KA3: ICT”, Project No: 143664-LLP-1-2008-GR-KA3-KA3MP.
The project is lead and coordianted by Research Academic Computer Technology Institute /RA-CTI/, Greece.

The other partners in the REVIT consortium are:
Biocert, Italy - 
CINECA, Italy - 
Kula Municipality, Bulgaria -
Directorate of secondary education of Cyclades, Greece - 
Open University of Cyprus, Cyprus -
Community of Palaichori, Cyprus
CODN, Poland -
Public Primary School in Fornetka, Poland
Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius, Finland -
Veikko Vionoja Primary School, Finland -

European citizens living in remote rural or insular areas are often excluded from mainstream educational activities easily accessible by people living in larger cities. Fewer lifelong learning opportunities are available to both young pupils and adults.

The key goal of this project is to show in actual practice and by a scalable example, that it is possible and economically feasible to substantially supplement the meager and sometimes irrelevant educational opportunities normally available to residents of remote and insular regions in the EU:
- through modern ICT-based distance education and training for young pupils and adults alike;
- by using innovative thorough technological and methodological approach;
- by utilizing existing infrastructure at otherwise declining schools and revitalizing their operation in order to become multi-purpose local learning centres accessible to all;
- by establishing learning partnerships between schools, training centres, firms, research facilities and universities to their mutual benefit for personally meaningful educational activities and courses;
- and last but not least, by producing exemplary educational material to last beyond the project, that would be otherwise lacking in these regions and would lead people either to exclusion or to migration.

Towards this goal, we will design and implement an ICT based distance learning framework incorporating and exploiting new trends in Distance Learning, especially e-Learning 2.0 tools and features (e.g. blogs, wikis, social networks, podcasting) brought by Web 2.0 developments in the domain of ICT, for mutual interaction, creation, share and reuse of information in order to provide useful lifelong education aimed to shaping the local mentality of the remote community from that of an overlooked inhabitant of a forgotten region to a European citizen, at the same time respecting linguistic and cultural diversities.

Thus, in the project methodologies will be produced for the comprehensive open learner-driven ICT-based distance learning framework with respect to:
- enabling members of remote rural communities to identify their learning needs;
- enabling educators to design, create and deliver apt educational material;
- a web based Distance Learning Service that provides tools for setting up and managing courses, for accessing, retrieving, creating, storing educational content, social tools for interacting with and establishing online communities with common educational concerns at national and European levels;
- a set of tested model courses and material available for other interested communities.

In the framework of the project School Education and Adult Education levels will be addressed, although due to the open end of the DL framework there is a potential of adapting and further using it, for covering more needs and for other levels of education (Vocational, Higher Education).

Project portal:

October 2009
On October 5-6 2009 in cultural club “Prosveta” in the city of Kula, Bulgaria took place the second partnership meeting under the REVIT project. Representatives of all partner organizations took part in it. In order to get acquainted with the meeting results, please visit the project portal.


On Feb 12-13 2009 in Patras, Greece took place the first partnership meeting under the project.
Here are some images from the partners’ work together:




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