Zinev Art Technologies Ltd. is a company which has been established with the purpose of developing, implementing and managing European projects and providing consultations in the following spheres: culture, art, tourism, Internet-based activities, vocational training.

The professional ZAT team works for popularizing Bulgarian art throughout the country and abroad. ZAT maintains a web-based gallery with works from various artistic genres, develops and maintains web-applications - web-sites, web-based galleries and demonstrations of cultural, artistic and archaeological heritage.

The members of the ZAT team have a serious experience also in providing SMEs and non-government organizations with EU project development and implementation services, with more than 10 successful projects for the last two years. Vocational training and increasing the qualifications of the human resources are major factors for improving the competitiveness of Bulgarian enterprises. Understanding these necessities, ZAT participates in a number of initiatives, connected with provision of training and consultancy services for SMEs or persons, willing to start up their own initiatives.

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