Zinev Art Technologies is going to support the implementation of the “Together against drugs and violence” project of the School for children with special education needs “P. R. Slaveykov” – Pleven, Bulgaria. This project has been approved by the District center of drug substances – Pleven. Methodic guidance the project is about to receive from the Prevention and information center on addictions – Pleven.

The main aim of the project is dependency prevention, prevention of violence and trafficking of children and youths with and without special educational needs from Bulgaria, Austria, Spain and Turkey.

The project management takes place through the joint participation of School for children with special education needs “P.R. Slaveykov” – Pleven (Bulgaria) and Association “Our children can” – Svilengrad (Bulgaria).

The project management is realized in common participation of School for Children with Special educational needs „P.R. Slaveykov” - Pleven, Bulgaria and Association „Our Children Can” – Svilengrad, Bulgaria. With partnership with Fatma Emin Kutvar Anadolu lisesi – Balikesir, Turkey, National Commission for combating trafficking human beings, Hungarian Cultural Institute Sofia, Regional Inspection of Protect and Control of Public Health, Pleven , Bulgaria, Department „Education” in Municipality Gaziosmanpasa – Istanbul, Turkey, Corps Saint Lazare International (CSLI) and Austrian bilingual newspaper „Vienna Today” Austria, Vienna, a foundation " Development and implementation of public resource”, Newspaper „Posoki” – Pleven, Bulgaria, Zinev Art Тechnologies – Sofia, Bulgaria, Association of Research and Development of civil Society, Sofia, Bulgaria.


Terms of participation:
• Part in the competition can take part students from all countries up to 16 years old;
• Each author can take part in the competition with one project only;
• Each logo project should contain the name of the project “Together against drugs and violence” and should be presented in Bulgarian or in English language. It should be based on text, graphic image or be a combination of the two.
• The logo project should be elaborated on Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop. We will accept projects in formats gif and jpg (up to 800 kb). The projects must have a resolution higher than 300 dpi. If your project is a winner of the competition, you will be asked to provide images with high resolution;
• The logo design should be property of the author him/herself, it should not copy or remind existing logos and to be easily recognizable;
• Send all projects to: petiamarcheva@abv.bg
The project which wins first place becomes property of the School for children with special education needs “P. R. Slaveykov” – Pleven, Bulgaria.
The participant in the competition must guarantee that he/she is the owner of the authorship rights on the publication of the logo, he or she presents, as well as that he/she frees the School for children with special education needs “P. R. Slaveykov” from any kinds of claims by third parties, connected with the usage of the logo for the promotional purposes of the competition, as well as for the publication of materials.
The organizers reserve the right not to allow entry in the competition of projects, which do not posses the necessary technical and thematic qualities and do not respond to the subject of the competition.
Each participant in the competition accepts the above listed conditions for participation.

Evaluation criteria

  • Graphic clarity of the sign;

  • Fulfilling essences and goals of the project

  • Modern vision.

Jury and prizes

Chairman of the commission
Mag. Phil Saschka Zhurkov
Publisher and main editor of the Austrian bilingual newspaper „Vienna Today” – Vienna, Austria

Milen Nakov
Principal of School for Children with Special Educational Needs „P. R. Slaveykov” – Pleven, Bulgaria
Ahmet Hacioglu
National Ministery of Education Director in Gaziosmanpasa Municipality – Istanbul, Turkey
D-r Irina Djikova
Director of Direction Regional Inspection of Protect and Control of Public Health – Pleven, Bulgaria
Zornitsa Staneva
Project manager Zinev Art Technologies LTD. – Sofia, Bulgaria
Eleonora Maryanova
Founder and principal of Elika's virtual school, Sofia, Bulgaria
Iliyan Yanev
Vice-president of Association of Research and Development of Civil Society, Sofia, Bulgaria
Gergana Dimitrova
Journalist, Newspaper „Posoki” – Pleven, Bulgaria

Julia Ileva
Psychologist, Association „Our Children Can” – Svilengrad, Bulgaria

The Jury will award first, second and third prize. All awarded and distinguished projects will receive a Participation diploma and a non-monetary prize.

The Project and filled Participation counterfoil with three names, address, telephone number, E-mail address, should be send till January 31, 2011 an e-mail address petiamarcheva@abv.bg.
During project presentation every participant sigh a declaration (after the pattern) that he or she agrees ad accepts competition regulation.
Competition results will be announced and published on February, 14 at internet site of the project.

Competition stages
Jury will inspect and evaluate proposed project in two stages:
1. Selection of proposed for participation projects.
2. Nomination of awarded projects.

Organizer’s right
Awarded and selected projects will be published at „Together against drugs and violence” project’s internet site and will participate in exhibitions in Bulgaria, Spain and Turkey.
Awarded projects become property of School for children with special educational needs „P.R. Slaveykov” - Pleven, Bulgaria.







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