in our gallery, in section woodcarving, is already present the artist Lyubomir Momchev. You are very welcome to come and visit his exposition at:

JUNE 2007
In the paintings section of our virtual gallery you can now find the unique works of artist PLAMEN STOEV.
Here are some of the comments about his works: „Genius art!”, „Grand! Probably one of the strongest modern compositions!”, „Great piece of art. One of he best I've seen yet. First I have criticized.”, „I have no words!”, „Excellent!”.
See for yourselves at:

NOVEMBER 2006 gallery is presenting a young artist with great imagination – Daniel Todorov. While elaborating interior and exterior glass elements, he starts creating spectacular works of art by heating and shaping rubber on glass. The colors and shapes he uses refract his vision of the world in a unique way.
You are welcome to take a look at his mini-gallery:

You can find new works in Yoanna Mizher’s gallery: - „Butterflies”, “Tzarevo Vasiliko”, “Mormon” and “Abstract Prayer.

In the virtual gallery were published photos of paintings of a great artist and innovator – Reni Bakurdjieva. Her love and search for colors and for what nature has created as minerals, precious stones and images, are implanted in the works you can view at

Good luck, Reni! You deserve it!

The honest works of Rumyana Chernikova found their place in our gallery. Come and enjoy them at

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