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Who is Reni Bakurdjieva? Download her presentation here.


Born on June 15, in the middle of the ХХ century , in the capital of Bulgaria, Europe, the Earth
Prefers the harder tasks before the easier ones and does not regret this .....

  • Does not like to be interrupted when she is painting .
  • Loves nature in all her forms and expressions.
  • She is in love with airplanes , loves to travel and walk .
  • Is not afraid of the rain .
  • Before an exhibition she talks with herself, after the exhibition she does it again !
  • She has got wonderful friends, but they are not lucky that they have HER .
  • When she loves, she truly loves! And that is the time when she is a creator.
  • She can be impressed by a new philosophical thought .
  • She is painfully sentimental. She is trying to overcome this, but without success .
  • She feels best when there is joy and laughter among people .
  • She feels worst when she cannot move the mountain . Her sign is “Gemini”. What else could it be?
  • She has read all philosophy books and all Bulgarian authors .      
  • Painters : close and understandable – Paul Klee , Vladimir Dimitrov – the Master , Georgi Bojilov – the Elephant, Leonardo da Vinci .
  • Collections : jokes , memories , planted trees throughout Bulgaria .
  • Teachers : Danov , Ching Hai , tangrism , as well as the mistakes she has made ......
  • She is a good listener .
  • If you need an advice – she will give you 100. Despite their strangeness, they will all be accurate and precise.
  • Color – the RAINBOW .
  • A stone she always keeps close – an AMETHYST .
  • She goes on believing in the good in Man !
  • Sometimes she looks into the future .

Remark by the web-site administrators: Reni does not mention it, but her unfathomable inner world, expressed through her works, won the 1 st Prize for modern art in New York during 1991.


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